Our Projects


Hasło ostatnich miesięcy brzmiało “Każdy pomaga jak może”. Cały czas jednak mamy świadomość, że ta szeroko rozumiana pomoc jeszcze się nie skończyła, wręcz przeciwnie, dopiero się zaczyna…

Rock for Ukraine

We work with Brian Allen who created “Rock for Ukraine” project.

Brian wrote the song “Stand up for” and, with his friends, conducts music workshops for children and teenagers


We help refugees from Ukraine to change their place of stay in Poland and Europe. We cooperate with non-governmental and governmental organizations as well as companies for refugees.


We invite volunteers to cooperate. If you have time and willingness and specific skills, we are looking for people to help.

Hospital in Krzywy Róg

This Hospital is located on South part of Ukraine. Now is using for wounded soldiers and citizen. They need medical supplies.

School “Materynka” in Warsaw

School „Materynka” in Warsaw School is since 2015, with a small group students around 200. Its made by Fundation and domate by parents and private people.