Milan Marathon



I have been living in Milan for almost four years now, it has become our home. Our two children were born here. I thought I had to do the marathon – how can you not do your home town marathon? When Natalia told us about OGDM I suddenly realised this was a perfect way to help those only a few hours drive away who have lost the sanctuary and security of their own homes. Who have lost being able to offer safety, health and security to their children. This is our way of saying we are in solidarity with you all. This is our small way of helping. Thank you for supporting us in our 42.2km run through Milan. Thank you for supporting OGDM.


Milan adopted me 10 years ago, when I moved after a happy childhood in a united and warm family in the Italian countryside. I’ve been captured by its international community, solidarity, and sense of freedom. Running through its history and roads has always been in my to do list and finally, the day has come! When I heard about the OGDM project, I immediately thought how I’ve been lucky in respect to those who have lost the sacred protection of their homes, their cities, and their communities. No happy childhood, no sense of freedom. This is why we’ll run for them, hoping to get a smile out of those innocent faces.  Thank you for supporting us in our 42.2km run through Milan. Thank you for supporting OGDM.


During the war, my father took in 10 refugee mothers and children, which opened my eyes to the reality of the suffering caused by the conflict. Recently, I discovered the OGDM team, who stand out for their ground-up approach and direct aid to those in need. Their efficient use of funds and quick response to the situation make me confident in supporting them. I’m beyond grateful that my MBA friends, Natale and Fabio, decided to join me and are raising funds for OGDM through a run.

Please join us in making a difference in the lives of those in need. Your donation can help provide essential, even life-saving resources to those affected by conflict.

Thank you for your support.